Ask Annelie about SAS

Annelie Nässén, SAS Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, answers your questions.

What are the key developments for you and your team?

We constantly work hard to build our many travelers’ connection to SAS by offering competitive, loyalty-rewarding and innovative customer products and services. Another vital part is the relaunch of SAS websites and further development of all customer touchpoints. We have over 130 million yearly visits to our website, so it is vital to continually improve the customer experience inspired by what travelers tell us.

How do you get closer to your customers? 

Personalization is the key factor here. For that, we use and analyze big data extensively to ensure that we have a relevant offering for our customers. For our travelers, time is crucial. By using customer insight, we can be more relevant and communicate in a better way. We will go towards a tailor-made approach, with the right message to the right customer at the right time in the right channel. It’s one-to-one communication, whereby we are moving from a more generic offering to a more personalized one – all the way from TV commercials to the way we greet our loyal customers onboard.

How will we as customers see the ­difference? 

Digital communication will be much closer and more relevant to you and your individual preferences. For example, we can offer personalized communication, based on your behavior and needs in the relevant channels for you. For example, if you love food and weekend travel, we want to tell you more about our New Nordic food by SAS onboard or inspire you more with new destinations for foodies, like Beirut.

What future plans do you have?

We are investing heavily in digital projects both for the present and the future. One ­example is the automated customer service chatbot (which you can read about in the magazine version of Scandinavian Traveler). On top of that, there are several initiatives planned within our EuroBonus program, which we are looking to take to the next level, to make it even more rewarding for our 30 million customers and making their time ­matter even more.

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