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Katrina Barker is flying from Copenhagen to Bergen for a family reunion, with pets welcome too! She’s bringing along her new puppy and wants to make sure they both can make the most of their time onboard.

Katrina booked her dog in advance

Miss Barker’s new puppy is 15 weeks old, which means he can join her in the cabin. She was careful to ensure that she booked the dog by contacting SAS Sales & Service beforehand, though. Any pet you want to bring onboard must be at least eight weeks old and needs a veterinarian’s certificate approving air transport under 14 weeks. She ensures that she has the appropriate documentation and a pet passport for travel within the EU.


In his cage, the puppy is considered a carry-on. Since he’s still small, he doesn’t exceed weight limits and fits under Katrina’s seat. Bringing a pet as carry-on luggage on SAS costs €70.
The cage or bag must also be large enough for the animal to stand, lie down and turn comfortably. If it does not fulfill these requirements, you may not be allowed to bring your animal onboard.

An aisle seat makes it easier to look after her pet

Katrina also pre-books an aisle seat so she can easily care for her pet without disturbing other travelers. She makes sure to do this in advance to get a seat near the front so she can leave the cabin swiftly upon landing. An aisle seat costs from €9.

With WiFi onboard, Katrina can keep up with all the family news

Since Katrina won’t be able to catch up on her favorite show while visiting her family, she buys WiFi onboard so she doesn’t miss out on anything exciting during her screen-free week.

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