TV-hosts Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson flies around the world three times in their new show. Foto: Kanal 5
TV-hosts Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson flies around the world three times in their new show. Foto: Kanal 5


Filip & Fredrik reveal their flying habits

Swedish TV presenters Fredrik Wikingsson and Filip Hammar have been frequent flyers for many years, but their latest TV program takes their flying to entirely new heights. 28 flights in three weeks or round the world three times. Scandinavian Traveler asked them how they maximize their travel experiences.

There is a theory known as six degrees of separation that claims that everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of friends, acquaintances and other contacts, from any other person in the world. Filip & Fredrik set out around the world to test this theory in their latest TV program. They visited six continents and 32 different places on three different trips that added up to the equivalent of going round the world three times.

Scandinavian Traveler caught up with Filip & Fredrik to find out what they do on most of their flights. 

How do you entertain yourselves inflight?

Filip: “Heavy, muscle relaxing medication. Often a play list with the “Swedish Bob Dylan” Ulf Lundell's songs so the pills and music work their magic together. Plus one or two documentaries.

Fredrik: “I always intend to read a HEAVYWEIGHT magazine or book cover to cover to BETTER myself. But if truth be told I immerse myself in “Top Gear” in the seat in front of me far too quickly and then fall asleep.” 

 'I love waiting at airports!'

How do you cope with long waits at airports?

Filip: “I have not had any long waits for ages. Everything is always so damned stressful today. When I was heading to Nepal recently and was due to meet up with Fredrik at Roissy in Paris, I was looking forward to a few hours of me time with him in some bar, but in reality we had to spend several hours trying to figure out the incomprehensible and crazy airport system there with terminals and gates and what they were called. Impossible to wrap your head round. I HATE Roissy."

Fredrik: “I love waiting at airports. Staring at strangers and fantasizing that they are going to exotic places and doing crazy things.”

Which airports do you like and hate most respectively?

Filip & Fredrik in Nepal during the filming of their new tv-program. Foto: Kanal 5Filip: “Roissy is far and away the worst. I have a special bond with LAX in Los Angeles as that is probably where I have been the most. And I love the little airport in Aspen. You could not find a cozier and more homely airport.”

Fredrik: “Roissy is the worst. It's no contest. F me I hate Roissy. It is a huge jumble of terminals and symbols and it is IMPOSSIBLE not to get lost there. Get rid of it. I like Gothenburg Airport best. Everyone is so friendly there.” 

What do you wear in the air?

Filip: “I have recently fallen for practical clothing. Before I preferred to look smart, in a way to acknowledge the fact that I was flying somewhere. Now, I wear track suit and trainers every time. I am incredibly meticulous. No coins or keys in my pockets. Totally organized to the last inch to ensure I pass through security as quickly as possible. And once onboard the plane, track suits are perfect because they are just like pajamas."

Fredrik: “Far too tight jeans and a navy blue shirt that brings out the delicious blue of my eyes.” 

How do you combat jet lag?

Filip: “You can't. People who claim they have some miracle method don't know what they are talking about. Sometimes it is a real pain, other times not so bad. You just have to get on with it.”

Fredrik: “You can't. I hate people who have found some miracle elixir for jet lag. You just have to tough it out and stay up all night watching Narcos on Netflix.” 

'You can not combat jetlag!'

Tell us about your maddest/craziest/best flight?

Filip: “That would be a recent helicopter trip in Bolivia. We almost crashed – and died. Have never been so scared in all my life.  You can see the sheer terror in our eyes if you watch our program Round the World in Six Steps.”

Fredrik: “Once, a friend of ours upgraded our entire gang to Business Class, on a SAS flight from Stockholm to Newark. We ended up in front of Springsteen's sax player Clarence Clemons and partied non stop all the way to the immigration desk.”  

Why should we watch your new program?

Filip: “Because we do our best to make good, innovative, fun, quality TV. Not many other people do that in the entertainment segment.”

Fredrik: “Because we are such incredibly fun travel companions on screen.” 

Round the World in 6 Steps can be viewed on Kanal5 starting on Wednesday 16 September from 21.00-23.00.

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