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If you’re anything like us you probably cannot get enough of airplane wings at sunset, fluffy clouds seen from the cockpit, clear blue skies, cabin crew selfies and plenty of other behind the scenes pictures from pilots and cabin crew. Get the low down on whom to follow.

Susi is air Steward at SAS, based in Copenhagen. She’s been flying around the world since 1998. All here photos are taken with her iPhone 5s.

Carl Wathne is a pilot for SAS.

Christer Lundström is working as a captain and Instructor at SAS. He also has his own website at sascaptain.com

Simen Henriksen is working as an air host at SAS in Norway.

Swedish airliner pilot flying the Boeing 737NG for SAS.  

Marius is a pilot at SAS, Norway. Flying Boeing 737's.

Björn Lundström is a captain at A330/340 at SAS. Read more about Björn here

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