Photo: Crasey - The Beach Toy World Championship


Crazy but spectacular fun races in Denmark

Tired of asphalt and the same old running route? Here are six tough but fun races in Denmark, where the exercise will certainly be an experience - in the company of both beach toys and the Crown Prince.

Shake up your normal routine and put a smile on your face by taking part in a few different races, that take you through a limestone passage, Copenhagen culture centers and rainbow powder sprays

Kalkmineløbet. Photo: Arrangøren

Run above and below ground

Not many races involve mine seams and hardhats. But they are mandatory in the beautiful Limestone Mine Race, where you run through North Jutland woodland and across high ground before descending into the subterranean mine passages at the limestone quarry in Mønsted. You can choose between seven distances, based on age, fitness and sense of adventure: from the 2.5km children’s race to the longest route that extends 52.7km and takes 10 hours to complete.


30. maj 2019

Photo: Gung-Ho!

Overcome bouncy castles and huge beach balls

Born Slippy, Walking on The Moon and The Final Countdown are some of the 10 giant inflatable obstacles you have to run, jump, glide, slide, fall and crawl over in the 5km Gung-ho! Run. It's not a question of speed, but of making a fool of yourself and letting your inner child out and having a ball.


Gung-Ho! takes place in May and June in Odense, Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Photo: Kontraframe/DAC

Culture and Architecture Run

Can you imagine being allowed to sprint through the National Museum or the reading room at the Royal Library? Well, you can on 5 May, when the Architecture Run is held. This run not only takes you through city streets, but also inside iconic buildings such as BLOX (the Danish Architecture Center), Tivoli Gardens and the Royal Lapidarium – including parts that are not normally open to the public. A fantastic opportunity to see Copenhagen in an entirely new way. There is a 5km and a 10km course.

The Architecture Run

Photo: Lars Møller

Run with royalty

It started last year, when Crown Prince Frederik resolved to celebrate his 50th birthday by running with commoners through the five largest cities in Denmark. The Royal Run proved an incredible success with 70,500 entrants who ran one English mile (1,609m) or 10km alongside the crown prince. You’ll have the chance again in June, when you can run 5km with Crown Princess Mary in Aalborg and one mile, 5km or a stiffer 10km in Aarhus and Copenhagen respectively, together with the crown prince.

Royal Run, 1 and 10 June 2019

Run with a beach toy

Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen stages one of the craziest runs of the year, where you run with a partner and a beach toy. The Cracey Run is both a race, a treasure hunt and a swim all-in-one, and you decide yourself, how tough the treasure hunt should be. The aim is to find as many items as possible in one hour, the length of the race, and you must be accompanied by both a beach toy and a partner the whole time. It's tougher (and more fun) than you might imagine.

Cracey 2019 - The Beach Toy World Championship

Amager Strandpark

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21 August 2019, 6pm.

The Color Run. Photo: Jordane Mathieu/Unsplash

The Color Run

Music, dance and plenty of color. The Color Run, a massively popular worldwide event, is as much a party as a run, and the concept is based on starting in white and ending covered in all the colors of the rainbow. Along the 5km route, where beat music and disco rhythms help create a party atmosphere, there’s also people with powder sprays, that make sure you won’t have a patch of white still showing when you reach the finish line.

The Color Run

4 Maj 2019 in Copenhagen, 10 August 2019 in Esbjerg

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