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How we will travel in 2019

Website booking.com reveals the latest in travel trends from data gathered from 163 million guest reviews and a survey of 21,500 people in 29 countries. Here are the findings.

Mind over matter

In 2019, we’ll plan trips that bring out the kid in us, checking into hotels that have jumping castles and ball pits for adults. It’s all about being happy and less about material things.

Tech-assisted travel

We’ll want to use artificial intelligence, virtual reality and voice recognition more extensively on our travels. All these technologies are being combined to give us more innovations and personalized travel tips.

More than travel

Travelers in 2019 will want more than ever to gain a deeper understanding of other places – an increasing number of people say they’d like to do volunteer work or even take on local jobs while traveling.

Less is more

Most of us will also take more frequent, shorter trips tailored for maximum experience, which is becoming more feasible thanks to car-sharing services, technology that gives us real-time public transport updates and added flight destinations.

Welcoming to all

There’s a greater interest in questions around human rights and social justice. Many people say they need to find out about the political and social situation before they travel, and most won’t go to a place where they know their presence could have a negative impact on the local population.

Space is the limit

NASA’s space station on the moon is planned to be ready in 2022 and we’re seeing increased interest in space travel. We’re also becoming interested in staying in unusual places, such as at underwater hotels.

Artificial Intelligence will show the way

More than half of us want new technology to assist our travels, such as digital tour leaders that can give us customized tips. We can expect the most adroit travel information companies to reach us through AI.

The new eco-trip

Millennials and Gen Z travelers will increasingly look for sustainable experiences. Many of them want to spend time on activities that will decrease the environmental impact of their trips.

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