The lobby of ONE80° in Berlin.
The lobby of ONE80° in Berlin.


Poshtels - the hottest travel trend

Poshtels, the new, price-conscious alternative to boutique hotels, satisfy every demand and desire of the savvy world traveler.

Forget about run-down boarding houses in murky backwaters. Poshtels, a cross between a boutique hotel and a hostel, are the trendy budget option of the lifestyle traveler. These hotels are also referred to as Lobby of Generator in Barcelona. upscale hostels, high-end hostels, boutique hostels, haute hostels, or luxury hostels – altogether a very different kind of hostel.

Poshtels feature unique décor and design, and are housed in architecturally interesting buildings at the very best addresses in the city. They seek to have a presence in the digital media and they always offer fast Wi-Fi on site.

The phenomenon made its big breakthrough in the summer of 2015 and there are now poshtels in many of the world’s major cities.

“Travellers now, at all levels, crave experience combined with excellent sleep experiences, and hopefully at a decent price,” explains Josh Wyatt, chief strategist at Generator, a hostel company that has been quick to react to the new trend.

Generator has had poshtels in Barcelona, ​​Berlin, and Venice for two years now, while their Paris hostel opened last fall, with Rome and Amsterdam next in line. By 2018 they expect to have fifteen poshtels worldwide.

Wyatt explains their success with genuine entrepreneurship.
“Guests are so savvy and information flows so quickly now anything that is forced or fake will soon be unravelled!”

In a world that can no longer be about maximizing profits, but must instead focus on all aspects of sustainability, poshtels have found a large and growing circle of poshpackers.

Text: Petra Dokken  

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