3 great Teahouses in Shanghai

In China tea is more than just a drink and to really experience the Chinese culture during a visit it is necessary to visit a teahouse. Here are 3 great ones in Shanghai.


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Book a masterclass with Wan Ling herself. Her tranquil and tiny teahouse takes up the bottom floor of a traditional lane house and courtyard in Xuhui. She knows the theory and all her teas inside-out. Her English is great and her prices are fair.

Wan Ling Tea House

No.1, 156 You Qing Lu

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21st Century Tea

Zee Tea is one of the more extreme examples of the modern incarnation of the Chinese teahouse. Within the confines of this highly Instagrammable space, you’ll find tea with alcohol, tea with ice cream, tea desserts and plenty of pretty young people taking photos.

Zee Tea

74 Tongren Lu

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A touch of clas

Huxinting Tea House, also known as Yuyuan Tea House after the park in which it sits, is probably Shanghai’s most famous. Set on stilts in the middle of a lake, the jaw-dropping Ming dynasty building was first established as a teahouse in 1855. This location has attracted the elite for years with its famed high-quality leaves and refined atmosphere.

Huxinting Tea House

257 Yuyuan Lu

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