The only thing that's new in Solheims pensjonat is perhaps the WiFi? Photo: Brendan Coote
The only thing that's new in Solheims pensjonat is perhaps the WiFi? Photo: Brendan Coote


3 interesting places to stay in Norway

These places allow you to travel back to a time when camping, cross stitch, and a coffee pot were all you needed to be happy. Almost.

Travel back in time in Røros

A lots of cross stiches at Solheim pensjonat. Photo: Brendan Coote

Strolling among the old houses of Røros is like taking a journey back in time. But if you really want a break from 2016, you should check in at Solheim pensjonat. Originally built by Oline and Olav Høsøien in 1939, this was run as a guest house until 1995, when it became an apartment house. In 2012, it was bought and renovated by a group of craftsmen. Back to its original style. They asked local residents about the furniture, tableware, and decorations. And the result? When you arrive at the guest house, it’s just like visiting your Aunt Hilda. There are cross-stitch cushions on the sofa, large-patterned wallpaper, and Respatex tables. The new owners being restoration carpenters and painters means you can practically see – or even relive – the postwar years in the structure of the walls.

“The colors were chosen and blended from what they had 60 years ago,” Berit Selboe-Coote, part-owner of Solheim pensjonat, tells the Newswire press release service. “All the interior walls have been painted using brushes, because rollers would give it the wrong structure.”

The restoration of the guest house was partly funded by the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fund.

Solheim pensjonat has only six rooms and one self-catering apartment.

Price: From NKr680 per night. Free Wi-Fi in the rooms.

Osloveien 12, Røros

The camper vans are well equipped with both Roof Top Tents and WiFi. Photo: Nordic Campers

Accommodation on the move

Stay on the move and take your bed and kitchen with you. Nordic Campers hires out campervans that are a little ray of sunshine. The mini-camper, which is a Volkswagen, contains a bed and a collapsible kitchen with a table, chairs, primus stove, cool bag, and kitchen equipment. You can rent an extra tent if you need a bit more room. The vehicle also comes with free Wi-Fi.

If you’re not too keen on bright colors, Nordic Campers still has something for you too.

“Half of our customers love the colors, the other half don’t,” Hilmar Egill Jonsson, owner of Nordic Campers, tells Scandinavian Traveler. “So we also have a mini-camper that’s not decorated on the outside.”

Nordic Campers also hire out a Roof Top Tent that you can fix to the roof of your own car. The tent comes with a primus stove, water container, and Wi-Fi, among other things, and has room for five people.

The vehicles can be picked up in Asker, approximately 20km west of Oslo, although the company can also deliver them to Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport. 

Price: From 99 euros per day, depending on the season.

You'll get a fantastic view from treetops. Photo: Tretopphytter

Stay among the treetops

“If you have a fear of heights, there’s no better place to cure it than in a hut at the top of a tree,” Frode Schei, owner of Tree Top Hut in Brumunddal, tells Scandinavian Traveler.

He has built five huts in the treetops, several meters above ground. All with panoramic views, of course, as you are literally living in the forest. The huts are insulated against the cold and come equipped with a kitchen, shower, and bio-toilet, as well as a veranda. The Birch Hut also has skylights so you can sleep under the stars. One of the huts has been designed to be suitable for people who need a wheelchair, or for families with a stroller.

Price: From NKr 1,399 per night. The huts can accommodate up to 6 or 7 people. 

Veldre, Brummundal

Text: Inga Ragnhild Holst

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