9 exciting experiences awaits in the Bardufoss region

The majestic mountains, the icy waters and the Arctic forests of Indre Troms are a paradise for wilderness activity lovers. Here are just a few of them.

Senja is known for its varied landscape and has been called a Norway in miniature.

Beautiful Senja

World-class nature awaits you on Norway's second largest island. The exterior is characterized by dramatic mountains that plunge straight into the sea, but also by an idyllic archipelago and beautiful sandy beaches. Here you can experience the national tourist route with magical vantage points, art and cultural experiences, gnomes and trolls, and bustling bird and animal life. It is also home to Åderdalen National Park.The polar light creates a magical atmosphere on Senja in winter. The crisp, clean air, and the deserted areas without any street lighting or noise, offer a greater chance of experiencing the northern lights. Deep sea fishing, walking or showshoe tours, freeskiing down steep mountains or cross-country skiing on uphill trails are just some of the activities the island has to offer.

Ön Senja

A 50-minute drive from Bardufoss Airport.

13 kilos of fishing happiness. Perhaps you’ll catch an equally big salmon when you try your luck in the upper part of the legendary Målselva river. Photo: Rundhaug Gjestegård.

Fishing in Målselva

Målselva is one of Norway's best salmon rivers, famous for its large salmon of up to 25 kilos, but also sea trout and grayling. The waterway is 84 km long, with a salmon ladder at the halfway point that ensures that the salmon reach the upper part of the river. At the salmon ladder, there is a salmon tank, a window below the surface of the river, where you can view the big salmon on their journey upstream. Målselvfossen was named by radio program 9-timen as Norway’s national waterfall and is a great sight. Salmon fishing is done in different ways; where the river flows out into the sea from a boat, and above the falls from the shore.Fishing licenses are sold in the “license zone” below the falls. Licenses are issued at the end of April. Weights can be bought from Inatur.no from 1 April onwards. Further upstream, fishing takes place on exclusive pitches to which land owners sell passes. Get there early, those passes sell out quickly! Passes to some of the most popular fishing pitches are available from the Rundhaug Gjestegård Hotel. This historic location is widely known as the “salmon hotel”, and is set in a beautiful location near the riverbank. They also serve up traditional local dishes.


A 15-minute drive from Bardufoss Airport. Prices for fishing licenses start at NOK 250.

The cross-country trails at Målselv Mountain Village are said to afford the best views in Norway.

Skiing and adventures in Målselv Mountain Village

In this delightful location situated some 450 km north of the Arctic Circle, you will find a plethora of wonderful excusrsion possibilities, as well as alpine and cross-country skiing opportunities. The slalom hill affords a panoramic view over the valley, making getting up there well worth the effort. In the alpine facility, you can choose between 13 km of slopes with 14 separate tracks, with levels for everyone from beginners all the way up to experienced skiers. On the cross-country tracks, you have spectacular views over Målselva, Istindan, and the renowned Lyng alps. Målselv mountain village also offers northern lights experiences by ski and scooter.

Målselv fjellandsby

A 20-minute drive from Bardufoss Airport. The alpine facility is open during the Christmas season or when snow conditions allow. Normal opening hours: Thursday and Friday 4 pm - 8 pm. Saturday 10.30 am - 6.30 pm and Sunday 10.30 am - 4 pm.

Just 20 minutes away from Bardufoss Airport, you can ride a sleigh pulled by reindeer while enjoying the majestic mountains. Photo: Destination Snowman.

Basecamp Snowman - reindeer sleigh ride and feeding, Sami experiences and elk safari

Do what the Sami do, drive reindeer whilst speeding over the majestic mountains of Indre Troms. A magical time is guaranteed! You can also try your hand at lassoing, experience meeting a herd of reindeer at close quarters, and taste some delicious Sami delicacies. You can also be on hand to help feed the herd. They will actually eat from your hand.Another exciting activity you can be a part of is an elk safari. This fantastic beast lives deep within the Arctic forests, and Bardufoss is one of the few areas in the world to have a large elk population. Going on an elk safari will give you the best chance you will ever have to get close to the king of the forest. During the excursion, you might also run into other animals such as foxes, hares, and owls.

Basecamp Snowman

A 20-minute drive from Bardufoss Airport. The price of the elk safari starts at NOK 1,550, and reindeer sleigh rides cost from NOK 2,895.

The crisp, clear air in Indre Troms afford good opportunities to see the northern lights. Here the sky lights up over Nikolaigammen.

Watch the northern Lights

There’s something etherial about seeing the sky explode in colors and begin its heavenly dance. The Bardufoss region has a dry and cold climate, and is therefore one of the best places in the world to experience the northern lights. The best time to see the show is during the hours just before midnight, when the sky is clear and there is a little light from the moon. The chances of seeing the phenomen also increase if your travel a little away from the street lights of the center of town.

Being pulled by huskies through deserted wilderness areas is both exciting and provides an inner calm. Photo: Aurora Husky

Dog sledding

Feel the wind in your face and the power of the dogs as you drive past frozen lakes and deserted wilderness areas. Two-hour experiences are arranged several times a day during the winter. Taking such a tour in the evening will give you significant chances of seeing the northern lights.In addition, full-day and four-day expeditions are also available.

20 minuter med bil från Bardufoss flygplats. Pris: från 1 895 NOK för en tvåtimmarstur inklusive lunch. Priserna för heldags- och fyradagarsturer beror på antalet deltagare.

The Bardufoss region is a paradise for summit tour lovers.

Summit tours, walking and cross-country skiing tours in the mountains

The Bardufoss region offers a sea of exclusive mountain experiences in a varied natural environment, and there are many cabins you can visit and spend the night in. Tours are available in all levels of difficulty and take place in a good number of locations, including Øvre Dividal National Park, which is an hour away from Bardufoss.One alternative is to start at Dividalshytta and walk north between unattended cabins such as Dærtahytta, Rostahytta and Gappohytta, finishing in Signadalen. To go on this tour, you must have prior experience of walking in the winter mountains and have good orienteering skills, although the cabins are quite close together. The Norwegian Tourist Association has many suggestions for different routes and also organizes many joint guided tours.

Drilling holes in the ice and trying your luck fishing luck is exciting. Who’ll be the first to get a nibble? Photo: Destination Snowman

Ice fishing and snowshoeing

Join a guided tour to a frozen lake where you drill holes in the ice and fish while enjoying something hot from a cup. You can switch between fishing and go snowshoeing in the area around the water. If you are lucky and catch something, you can cook your haul over a fire at site or in the lavvo tent back at basecamp.

About a 1.15 hour drive from Bardufoss Airport. Duration: 4.5 hours plus transport. Price: From NOK 1,395 Children aged 4-15 pay half price.

At the Tromsø Ice Domes ice hotel, everything is made from ice.

Stay at an Ice Hotel

Ice hotel Tromsø Ice Domes, is built every year in Tamokdalen. The artistic carvings in snow and ice create a magical experience. There is a restaurant, ice cream bar, accommodation, and an ice cinema. This year, the hotel opens on December 20.

A 1-hour drive from Bardufoss airport.

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