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Design, cocktails and dinner in Bergen

In Bergen, you can enjoy things for the eye and things for the pallet. Just ask interior design architect and designer Kamilla Stokkevåg.

Interior design architect and designer Kamilla Stokkevåg. Photo: Trude S. Pedersen

Stokkevåg studied furniture and spatial design/interior architecture at the University of Bergen. She has recently been crowned newcomer of the year at the Bergen Design Festival, for her master's project Lytteland and furniture for reading in, where Stokkevåg reimagined the district library in Laksevåg in Bergen. The furniture invites you to read and play and you can even hide yourself in it. As a student, she was fascinated by movement and play. She still is, but now as an interior architect with Link arkitektur in Bergen. 

“I want to create furniture that really shows what the room is for, while at the same time, offering a sense of surprise and curiosity. If I can bring out the history and identity of a space, it makes a project more interesting I find. The shape of furniture can provide a guide to how people can interact with it and potentially challenge them to explore and become more creative in its use,” Stokkevåg says to Scandinavian Traveler. 

She now aims to use the prize money to develop a prototype. 

Bergen for design lovers

The west coast city is famous for its music scene, but in recent years, many local and international designers have set up base here. Glasses brand Kaibosh and rainwear brand Norwegian Rain have now gained a reputation beyond Norway. 

“Bergen has an enthusiastic and intelligent design environment and is also the first city in Norway to organize its own design festival, namely the Bergen Design Festival, that celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. Bergen is well advanced when it comes to design and methodology and offers its own study program, Design Thinking.

The University of Bergen, the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, the Norwegian School of Economics and Design Region Bergen are behind the study program. In addition to being a hub for design and innovation, Bergen also has plenty to offer foodies. 

Kamilla Stokkvåg's furniture is popular among children. Photo: Lena Mari Skjoldal Kolås

“I love good food and drinks and have a few doppelgangers.” 

“Say what you like about the weather in Bergen, but when the sun pokes through in May, all the students leave the libraries and lecture halls even though exam time is approaching,” she says. 

“Nobody knows how better to take advantage of sunny days than people who live in Bergen.”

Here's the interior design architect's favorite places around Bergen:

The designer and carpenter Philip von Hase is the man behind the interior at Huggorm. Foto: Per Olav Sølvberg

Pizza and wine in Hoggorm

“Both the pizzas and the styling are incredibly good at Hoggorm pizza. Both the interior and exterior make extensive use of recycled materials. Brilliant designer and carpenter Philip von Hase is the man behind it in partnership with Lysverket restaurant and Københavns møbelsnekkeri. Food reviews give the pizzeria top marks.”


Nygårdsgaten 29, 5015 Bergen

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This former furniture store is now a cozy café

Nobel Bopel

“This cozy neighborhood café in Møhlenpris was originally a furniture store. It still has charming furniture and a great atmosphere. They serve food all day, and even have a special brunch menu for starving diners.”

Nobel Bopel

Welhavens gate 64, 5006 Bergen

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Chili martini at No stress

“There's always a good atmosphere and exciting drinks in this bar, and chili martini is a favorite. If you're looking for somewhere to have a party or celebrate a birthday, they welcome inquiries.”

No stress

Hollendergaten 11, 5017 Bergen

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Bergen is surrounded by mountains. Going on a hike is a definite must. Foto: CH - Visitnorway.com

The Bergen Mountains

“You can't come to Bergen without exploring the local mountains with wonderful nature and fantastic views. You simply have to choose between a short, long or steep outing. I lived in Landås for several years. The Ulriken massif was right on my doorstep. It was simply a case of closing the door and start walking.”

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