The beach Banje in Dubrovnik. Photo: Shutterstock
The beach Banje in Dubrovnik. Photo: Shutterstock


The best beaches in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic and just outside the city walls you'll find fantastic beaches like Banje and Buza.

Banje Beach

The beach with the best location - Banje Beach. Photo: Mauro RongioneThe beach with the best location, Banje, lies just outside of the old city walls and provides great views of the island of Lokrum. Banje is where the beautiful people like to show off, but you’ll find all kinds here. In the evening, the disco at the East-West beach club cranks out beats to dance on the beach to.


The locals’ favorite beach, Buza, is a hidden stretch of sand found through a gate in the city walls near the cathedral. Steep cliffs here plunge straight down into the Mediterranean Sea where the water can be really deep. For experienced swimmers only. Not recommended for families with children.


Take a trip across the water to the island of Lopud and experience one of the few really sandy beaches in all of Croatia. If you stay overnight you can enjoy a shellfish dinner at four-star boutique hotel Villa Vilina.


This small island in the archipelago just across the water from the city walls is a peaceful oasis. The gardens are home to peacocks and rabbits, while sunbathing couples lie entwined along the beautiful, low-cut rock formations. 

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