The road is the goal

One of the best ways to explore a new destination is by car.Here, we suggest some of the absolute best road trips in the world – and which premium car you should use, to make the most of them.

The Panorama Route – Sweden/Norway

This trip is described as one of the best kept secrets in Sweden, offering stunning mountain and lake views over the Swedish and Norwegian Nordic landscape. A Volvo XC60 is perfect for the slightly rougher mountain terrain.
Start off in Östersund and head west to Järpen, where you start the drive around the lake Kallsjön. With that section almost complete, continue westwards over the Norwegian border, to Trondheim. Along the way, you have several good pitstops for food.
Length of drive: 6 hours, 390km.
Premium car: Volvo XC60

Amalfi Coast Highway – Italy

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most famous locations in Italy, and to do a road trip here is on many peoples’ bucket list. The road is wild, with sharp turns alongside cliffs hanging high over the coastline. It’s important to have a small car that will fit through the narrow alleys of the picturesque villages along the way. And the Italian sun also calls for something with the top off – like this Fiat 500 convertible.
Start in Rome and drive down to Naples and then head south near the coast to Sorrento. From there it’s just a coastal dreamland all the way to Salerno.
Length of drive: 6 hours, 390km
Premium car: Fiat 500 convertible

Blues Highway (Nashville-New Orleans) – USA

Maybe you’ve already done the most classic road trip in the US, Highway 1 from San Francisco to LA? If so, this is the perfect route for you. Instead of a scenic ocean view, prepare yourself for a music paradise as you head from Nashville to New Orleans, offering American music history around every corner. A Cadillac XT5 will carry you smoothly along the highways.
Several days is suggested, so that you can make many stops along the way. Oh, and be sure to try out true southern cuisine!
Length of drive: 9 hours, 970km
Premium car: Cadillac XT5

1100 km on the Autobahn – Germany

If you want to move quickly between each stop, this is the road trip for you. German autobahns are known as the fastest and best-engineered highways in the world. And what better way to make use of them, than in a native car, just as expertly made. With a BWM 8series cabriolet convertible you’ll feel right at home.
This trip takes you from Frankfurt all the way to Berlin, but via a big arch through Düsseldorf, Bremen, Hamburg and Rostock. All offer lots of hotels, restaurants and culture.
Length of drive: 13 hours, 1100km
Premium car: BWM 8series cabriolet

North of Jutland – Denmark

This is a perfect weekend getaway for a couple or small group of friends. The Danish coastline is beautiful and full of great stops. One is the most memorable is Grenen, the northern tip of Denmark, where two oceans dramatically meet. Another is Hvide Sande, one of the most beautiful beaches in Scandinavia.
We suggest a Porsche Macan for a smooth, luxurious trip. Start in Fredrikshavn, drive north to Grenen and then just follow the coast all the way to Esbjerg.
Lentgh of drive: 7 hours, 456km
Premium car: Porsche Macan

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